This will not be another post about the global pandemic we are experiencing, but I trust you are adhering to the rules and regulations of keeping safe from the virus. I have been working home and social distancing since the beginning of March and I cannot begin to stress how much insanity this has caused in my life. I found myself mentally deranged especially around my mom’s one-year death anniversary in July, I had trouble sleeping, got into dark moods and my anxiety levels went through the roof.

This is not a post to dwell on the negative but to share what really helped me out of the state I was in. Acknowledging what was happening really helped, Praying, journaling, and listening to my favourite podcasts which is what I will be sharing with you today. Podcasts have been part of my life for a while now, it is like having an internet friend that gets you, a friend you can relate to and grow with. The following are my top 5 favourite Podcasts, I will include short information about each podcast and leave the rest to you to download. Enjoy the read.


  • This Podcast is uplifting and refreshing. He is forever encouraging, fills one with hope and faith through hard times. It is like things will get better – Life is tough, but we are overcomers through the strength of Jesus.


  • Listening to SGS is like having a conversation with a girlfriend about anything and everything. Hosted by Ashley Leggs, this series was created for every woman who is on the verge of her come up, creating her own vibe, and transforming her life.


  • This does not need any introduction, its Oprah. I love “Mama O” so much, she is an inspiration to a lot of people including me. The Podcast is filled with Oprah’s personal selection of her interviews with thought-leaders, best-selling authors, spiritual luminaries, as well as health and wellness experts.

SHE BRIGADE the Podcast

  • Hosted by Pelontle Mosimege, She Brigade the Podcast is a platform where women share the stories of all that has led them to become who they are today. I love the story telling of the guests, its raw and authentic.


  • Founded by Zim Flores, Bloom is a column-style faith podcast for every season of a woman’s journey. She says “Whether you’re chasing after the things of God, desire to cultivate a deeper relationship with Him or need a source of hope to cling onto during difficult times, this podcast is for you “

These are available for free on the App store, Spotify, Google, and Anchor.

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Hey Loves,

I want to start off by saying thank you so much for giving me another chance, if you have been following me from 2010 – you know I’ve probably had over 10 blogs since then. Last year I decided to host my official blog but my host (service provider) for the site accidentally deleted my site. While I sort that out, I decided to start this blog so long, which I then will transfer all my stuff to once the issue is resolved.

Welcome!  if you just recently discovered me, the purpose of this blog is to share and add value as I navigate through my life. I will be sharing content from motherhood, career, entrepreneurship and overall Lifestyle. Another reason I decided to give blogging and I another chance is my love for writing. I want to improve my writing skills as its something I love and enjoy doing. Please feel free to comment on my writing and give me tips, it will be appreciated.

Quick things about me: commonly asked questions

  • I am a mom to a 6-year-old cutie.
  • A coffee lover.
  • A book worm.
  • I am a creative at heart.
  • I am passionate about women empowerment.

You will get to know me as I post, please stick around.

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All Love, Bomy.